Embedded Patriarchy

One of my close friends was getting married. She went to the parlour to get ready like a bride. She was so excited for all that clothing, make-up and high-heels, and so was I. Seeing our this enthusiasm, our male friends started poking us by calling us pseudo-feminists. After a point, I became so irritated, yes irritated! that we got into some serious arguments. I was just sad to see that why am I supposed to be apologetic for my femininity. Why is it so difficult for them to respect my femaleness? I like politics and history and am happiest to have discussion on philosophy. But,I like to be girly. I like high-heels and putting lipstick. I wear them because I like them. I enjoy getting compliments from all the genders but honestly, it’s much more special when a woman compliments. “The male gaze,as a shaper of my life’s choices,is largely incidental.”

Well, one of them decided to stay outside the parlour to take us all back. I saw him wasting his time in that exercise because he was just sitting in the car and doing nothing. I told him to go back and leave the car behind, one of us knew the driving very well. He called some people back at home and they all rejected the proposal by questioning him,”…what is your purpose of being a man?” Ultimately, he stayed there for 2-3 hours and took all of us back.

I mean, I couldn’t understand why people are so scared of women taking charge. This comes, I think, from the insecurity triggered by how boys are brought up, how their sense of self-worth diminished if they are not “naturally” in charge as men.

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